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Diana E. H. Russell, Ph.D.
The Feminist Flag


Dear Visitors and Supporters, 

I'm convinced that the wide distribution of this feminist flag would help to bring attention to feminist actions, and to facilitate international feminist solidarity, thereby empowering our struggle to combat misogyny and sexism in all its oppressive and discriminatory forms.

I regret that the words can only be in one language; but I have seen no good alternative to this limitation.

I'm searching for a fabulous feminist organizer with the vision, energy, time and motivation to take on the important job of marketing this beautiful feminist flag.

If you're interested in helping with this project, please contact me via my contact page. Thank you! 


2020 NOTE: Diana has passed away so she can no longer work on this project that was very important to her. But she would definitely want other feminists to take up the cause of creating a feminist flag, either using her flag design (please credit her if you use it), or another design. So please feel free to do so! Thank you! ❤️


Designer: Diana E. H. Russell, Ph.D.   --   Art Work: Laralyn Lee


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